Sleep Study Near Me

Utilizing advanced medical technology and equipment, the Sleep Apnea Soluions home-testing services offer convenient, accessible, and accurate apnea diagnostics and screening from the comfort of your home.

Diagonising more than 40% of Apnea Cases

While sleep labs and invasive hospital testing may be appropriate for some medical cases, this approach does not have to be the first choice for all patients. We’ve invested in high-quality Home Sleep Tests (HST) to increase patient accessibility to apnea diagnosis, providing convenient testing methods in a portable, remote device fitted from the comfort of your bedroom.

Accurate and Reliable Testing Sleep Studies

With more than 40% of official apnea diagnoses confirmed using data collected from HST devices, our patients can be confident of the success of our apnea screening and diagnosis process. We take pride in the accuracy of our medical practice, research, and equipment, using a comprehensive medical evaluation and assessment to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

How does the Home Sleep Test Work?

Harnessing advanced cloud-based technology, the easy-to-use, modern design of the HST devices means all our patients need to do is hit the pillow and get some sleep! All data recorded during the study is sent remotely to our sleep-based laboratory, meaning we can begin the next stage of our professional diagnostic process as soon as you wake up.

Comprehensive Sleep Apnea Testing and Diagnostics

The Sleep Apnea Solutions team utilizes only the latest equipment and testing approaches to ensure accuracy in our sleep apnea screening process. As part of our ongoing commitment to sleep science and patient care, we’ve developed comprehensive, medically approved testing criteria for apnea diagnostics:

Respiratory Patterns:

Monitoring breathing patterns to detect disruptions, irregularities or abnormal behavior in a patient’s airflow.

Blood Oxygen Levels:

Reviewing blood oxygen saturation levels that can be indicative of apnea episodes.

Heart Rate:

Collecting data on heart rate over the night to spot irregularities and signs of cardiac issues that present in some apnea cases.

Sleep Position:

Spotting shifts in body positioning that may contribute to the narrowing of the airways for patients.

Diagnose Sleep Apnea Without a Lab Based Sleep Study

We’ve sourced high-quality sleep technology and testing services for our patients to access the benefits of home apnea screening during their diagnosis and investigation process:

Sleep Testing At Your Comfort and Convenience

Test from the familiarity of your own bed, with accurate results in the morning of your health and sleeping patterns. Studies have suggested that home sleep tests can encourage a patient’s most true sleep behavior when with a patient’s regular night-time routine.

Flexibile To Your Schedule, Accessible To All

Testing on your schedule. At-home sleep tests offer the flexibility to take the test on your own time, which allows you to book your sleep study around work, child-care commitments, and any other hobbies or commitments!

Professional Guidance

Our dedicated sleep team will guide you through the testing process. We work with testing providers but are always available for questions, and can offer support if you need.

Step by Step Apnea Screening Process

We’ve streamlined our sleep apnea testing approaches to provide accessible diagnostics, treatment, and support to patients across the Kansas area and beyond. Using a reliable step-by-step diagnostic process, we can offer convenient at-home apnea testing for many apnea patients:

Testing Kit Directly To Your Door

We work with sleep testing providers who offer convenient door-to-door delivery and collection of testing kits for patients based in Kansas City and local suburbs. Please consult us if you are based outside our general service area.

Easy Set Up

Following the easy-to-follow instructions designed by our sleep testing providers, patients can set up the device easily from the comfort of their home, with ongoing support available in preparation for the night of their sleep study and our expert team just a phone call away.

Go To Bed As Usual

The cloud-based technology built into the HST device records data discreetly during the night, sending insights on health and sleep behavior directly to our laboratory remotely, so all you need to do is sleep!

Arrange Follow Up Appointment

After completing the test, our team will arrange a consultation for you to discuss the results with one of our sleep experts, starting the next steps towards a healthier, well-rested you.

Sleep Study Costs and Insurance Coverage

Our patient’s health and sleep quality are our highest priority, which is why our team strives to create custom solutions for everyone to access the healthcare they need. From your first initial appointment with us, we work with you to confirm insurance coverage, discuss alternative payment options, and offer financial plans where applicable, with transparent invoicing and billing as standard in our services.

Using A Private Provider

If you’re using an insurance provider to cover the costs of testing and treatment, our team will work with you to assess your coverage, benefit entitlement, and any out-of-pocket costs you may incur. Contact our team for a detailed verification.

Financial plans

As part of the Sleep Apnea Solution’s commitment to accessible and affordable care, we offer secure and transparent financing options to suit a variety of budgets and medical needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Sleep Apnea Screening and Sleep Study Services

We’re dedicated to improving patients’ health and quality of life through dental sleep medicine and alternative apnea treatments, working with our medical partners, physicians, and nurse practitioners across the field. From our Kansas-based clinics and through remote technology, we can offer high-quality care and tailored treatment plans to our patients within a 2-3 hour radius of our service area.

North Kansas Based Clinic

Located close to Kansas City and transport links, our North Kansas-based clinic provides apnea consultation, testing, and ongoing care from a central location.

Overland Park

Located 13 miles from the south city of downtown Kansas City, our conveniently based Overland Park Clinic is strategically positioned near the Route 69 highway for patient access.

Remote and Virtual Appointments

If you're traveling into the area, live remotely, or one of our patients based in our 2-3 hour service radius, you can still schedule your first appointment, as those are always virtual!

Five-Star Service For Sleep Apnea And Dentistry Patients

We pride ourselves on our track record of high-quality patient experiences, starting from initial consultation to successful management and relief of apnea symptoms:
“Dr. Brown and all of their staff are super friendly, and you can tell they love their job. She is super knowledgeable and patient. I can finally breathe better at night and feel like I actually slept instead of dragging all day! I am so thankful I found her!”
– Carli

Schedule Your Sleep Study with the Sleep Apnea Solutions Team

Choose the Kansas-based sleep experts for a patient-focused approach to the diagnosis of sleep apnea. Our team of experts is committed to accurate assessments, considering multiple factors during our consultation stages and medical history evaluation. If you’re considering a sleep study or have been recommended an investigation of a suspected apnea diagnosis, schedule an appointment with Sleep Apnea Solutions to work with our expert sleep team.

Sleep diagnostics and ongoing treatment with the Sleep Solutions Team

Put your care in the hands of our female-led medical team, offering affordable and convenient apnea, snoring, and dental treatment to patients across Kansas and beyond. Browse our comprehensive services, catering to a range of budgets, insurance plans, and medical needs, focusing on alternative and manageable approaches to sleep disorders. 

Moving Away From The Mask – Our CPAP Alternatives

We’re a trusted provider of sleep apnea treatment, offering a specialty in alternative therapies for patients struggling with CPAP treatments, from guidance on lifestyle changes, positional therapies, and surgeries to new therapies such as Inspire Devices. Find out more. 

Effective Dental Device Therapies

Oral devices, or dental therapy devices, can be used to treat both apnea and snoring. Worn similarly to a dental retainer, this long-term treatment option for patients provides a portable, comfortable alternative to CPAP therapy and effective relief of apnea symptoms. Browse our range of dental devices. 

FREE Sleep Apnea Assessment

If you’re searching for answers for ongoing symptoms or a suspected sleep disorder, our convenient FREE online screening questionnaire is the first step towards a better night’s rest! Our online form reviews a series of questions specifically designed by specialists in the field for efficient apnea assessments. Get started.

Snoring Solutions and Treatment

At Sleep Apnea Solutions, we understand the disruptive effects of snoring and its potential links to underlying sleep disorders, such as sleep apnea. We address snoring and associated sleep issues through personalized treatment approaches and investigations, providing effective snoring treatments. Find out more.